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You may contact us for advice on computer upgrades. (see our Contact Us page). We will point you to online resources designed to make your computer buying experience easier to understand. BUY the MOST computing power for your money by buying from JWco's resources.

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               We've added content and we encourage your participation in all discussions on our site by reading and sending EMAIL in response to our topics: Look in our Community Issues page for controversial topics in todays news. Our Technology and Business News page will solicit your opinions on current topics that appear on the wires. YOUR feedback will be added to these topic issues for further discussion among our participants. Come back often. We will be constantly providing updates and answering your EMAIL on the Web Pages or by the Webmaster. If there are other sites you would like links to or searches conducted for any item you've had difficulty finding EMAIL us and we'll search for you and provide either a link or an EMAIL response!!

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